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Custom ball fitting and drilling, includes 2-Turbo finger grips & thumb glide sleeve-------- $25.00
Plug per hole------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ $  4.00
Turbo Thumb Switch grip or Vise It---------------------------------------------------------------  $15.00 
Oil Extraction----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $  5.00
Resurface to factory finish or custom finish-Spin or Haus Resurfacing machine------------- $  8.00
Replace worn finger grips----------------------------------------------------------------------------$  7.00
                                                     On lane video lessons  $15.00 an hour.
    Call for appointment ! Bellingham / Blaine, WA 360-510-7885 Mon-Fri. 9-5 (some weekends)

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Complete Ball Drilling
Need more hook?
Need less hook?
Need late hook?
Need early hook?
Need no hook?

We can drill a ball to favor your throw and lane condition.


The Bowlers Pro Shop
What do you want that ball to do? 
        We can make it happen.
                    Check out our new    
"State Of The Art"  Haus  Ball Resurfacer

If you’re looking for high quality and personal service, you’ve come to the right place. 

At Bowlers Pro Shop we’ll give you the attention and personal service you deserve.

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Call or Text 360-510-7885       Email     bowlersproshop123@gmail.com
                                                         Bellingham / Blaine, WA
      Lessons / Coaching / Clinics / Video analyzes, / Equipment analyzes 
    USBC Certified Silver Level Instructor and PBA Member, just give us a call.
     Carl Nichols - drilling balls since 1980   That's 38 years!
Save money, get it right the first time and we happily custom drill it for you, taking into consideration your throw / release / speed and lane condition. What do you want that new ball to do? 
            We can make it happen !
Custom computerized ball layout, just for you!
New digital assist drill press for perfect accuracy, to be able to repeat "The Feel"

Interchangeable Thumb Inserts
Same feel in all of your balls!
Our bowling ball prices are the same as www.bowlingball.com
If we do not have your ball choice in stock we can get it in two days.

Our prices for balls are the same as www.bowlingball.com  


Heavy Hooking

Motiv Jackal Rising--$162.95           Storm HyRoad Nano $129.95            ​
Hammer Guantlet----$164.95           Storm - Code Red     $162.95         

Medium  Hooking
Motive Trident Quest----$167.95     Storm HyRoad----$119.95    
Motive Octane Carbon--$146.95             

Skid / Flip

Light Hooking                                                       Many colors to choose from

Storm Tropical Breeze-$72.99            Motiv Free Style - $99.00                

Spare Ball  Plastic "Straight Ball"​   Many colors to choose from

Columbia White Dot - $55.95                     

Now available Jayhawk bowling ball surface scanner
  Laser graph readout of the exact surface grit your ball is at. ​
•The most important parameter to ball performance that are controllable in the pro-shop is Ball Surface Roughness (Ra & RS, 2008 USBC Ball Motion Study). Now, we can measure and control this parameter;

•Measure a ball surface before and after resurfacing to verify the consistency of the ball surface finish.

Learn which surface roughness yields the desired performance, and then be able to quantitatively confirm that you've reproduced it. No more guesswork? Measure the roughness of the ball track, and compare it with previous measurements;

Watch this video to further understand the importance of ball surface.
We now have the Jayhawk Determinator. When a ball has been plugged for re-drilling the key marked spots such as the CG and the mass bias have moved, this machine tells us exactly where it has moved to. This will make the perfect layout choice to help match you to the lane.

             Haus Resurfacer     Jayhawk Determinator

Motiv Tag Cannon = $119.95

Motiv Lethal Paranoia =$153.95
If your ball driller uses this devise, RUN, RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN!
Caution, word for the wise
Did you know that there is not hardly a PBA bowler that uses a round thumb hole? Look at the end of your thumb, it's oval isn't it?   We pride ourselves in taking the time when it comes to a great fit with oval thumb holes and hole pitches that encourage a great smooth release without causing swelling, blisters or abrasions. A good fit is important!
Custom drilling for over 35 years

           New Bowler SPECIAL ! 
     Custom fitted entry level hooking ball (Storm T.B)
  Two hours on lane lessons with video  
              Get started right!!             $95.00